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Veniero’s Biscotti, baked in the traditional Italian Style, is the finest in New York City!

For 115 years, New Yorkers and visitors to New York City have made Veniero’s Pasticceria and Caffe their choice for the finest traditional Italian style biscotti in New York City!  Relax in Veniero’s old world style café with its stamped copper ceilings and Italian marble floors, with an espresso or cappuccino, and several kinds of traditional Italian style biscotti (we have a dozen different types of biscotti), and feel like you are overlooking la piazza in Rome.

Biscotti, Italian for biscuits, are perfect for enjoying with a cup of coffee, espresso, cappuccino, café latte, mochachino and herbal tea.  For those who like to dunk biscotti in their beverage of choice, there is Saviatti (lady finger), Biscotti Umberto scented with vanilla and a hint of orange, and Biscotti De San Martino, made once a year during the wine festivals of Italy (October and November).

Other Biscotti favorites are Anise Toast, S-Biscuit - the Italian tea biscuit, Regina, a sesame seed biscuit, Papatelle, a dairy free biscuit loaded with almonds and flavored with honey, Taralli, a lemon iced biscuit, Vanilla Twist, and Bowties, a lightly glazed puff pastry with just a hint of sweetness.

Veniero’s Biscotti, baked in the traditional Italian style, can be ordered by pound on the internet at, by phoning our order department at 212-674-7070, or by visiting our pastry shop and café at 342 East 11th Street, New York City!